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This section is devoted to the web master's thoughts.  Included are outlines on various spiritual topics of interest to him.  These are not pornographic or otherwise kinky in nature.  You may or may not be interested in spiritual dissertation.  If you aren't, don't select any of the topics, Jump To The Home Page Now.

** NEW ** to this section are spiritual thoughts of other 'like-minded' individuals including but not limited to Theological Students and other pastors and lay-workers.  

The topics listed are based in a deep belief in God and the truth that surrounds those who believe in Him.  There are occasional anecdotal items such as the Pogo comic strip's (to me) deep statement "We have met the enemy and he is us."  While not of a spiritual nature in its inception, it certainly applies to each of us whether the endeavor we undertake is spiritual or not.

From time to time we put links to pages of interest from other believer's web sites on this page.  Any listed will be more than worthy of your visit and time.

Each Document has a jump back to here or jump to main genealogy menu at the end of the text.

Please send any comments or opinions to the WebMaster.  Nuff said. 

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